New Catechist Form

Thank you for considering becoming a catechist! We are in need of volunteers to share the Catholic faith with our students.

Catechists Needed- We are in dire need of volunteer teachers for the 2020-2021 school year, Levels 2 through 9. Here is a breakdown of what we need:

Level 2:   4 catechists
Level 3:   4 catechists
Level 4:   2 catechists
Level 5:   2 catechists
Level 6:   2 catechists
Level 7:   1 catechist
Level 8:   2 catechists
Level 9:   1 catechist

People are sometimes reluctant to be volunteer catechists because they think they don’t know enough about their faith to teach it well. The truth is, all of us are on an incomplete faith journey and teaching the faith deepens and strengthens one’s own connection to God. Teaching experience is not necessary; lesson plans and guidance will be provided through virtual and in-person catechist meetings. Requirements to teach are:

  1. You have a desire to pass your Catholic faith on to the next generation, and a willingness to grow in your own faith journey.
  2. You must have received the sacraments of Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation and Reconciliation.
  3. You must be a practicing Catholic who attends Mass regularly.

If you think you are being called to volunteer to teach our Catholic faith, call or email Loren Christie in the Faith Formation Office at 631-363-6394 /

New Catechist Registration Form

All new volunteers have to complete a Virtus Training (Safe Environment) class.  To register for a class, go online here:

Start the registration process by choosing “First Time Registrant” and then, “Diocese of Rockville Centre.”