Weddings are performed on Saturdays at 11:00 am, 1:00 pm or 3:00 pm.   Other days of the week need to be discussed with the Pastor.   Please click HERE to complete our Wedding Intake Form.  Once received, we will get back to you.

Required Papers

1.  Baptismal Certificates:  Catholics must obtain a recent baptismal certificate with notations.  Recent means issued within six months of the proposed wedding date.  Baptized non-Catholics must provide proof of baptism.  Their baptismal certificate need not be recently issued.

2.  Affidavits of Freedom to Marry:  Each party must provide a notarized statement signed by two people, preferably parents or other family members, stating that you have never been married before under any circumstances, that you are not being coerced in any way into the marriage, and that you are not related to your intended spouse by blood or marriage.

3.  Banns of Matrimony:  We will announce your wedding three times in our bulletin prior to the marriage.  If one of you is Catholic but not from Our Lady of the Snow, Banns should be announced in your home parish as well and a letter obtained from that parish stating that Banns will be announced.

4.  Pre-Cana or other Marriage Preparation:  Proof of participation in some form of marriage preparation program is required.  We will provide information about your options.  Diocesan programs can be accessed and signed up for online.  FOCCUS, a personality/preference profile that highlights areas of compatibility and difference is usually required as preparation for Pre-Cana.  Information about this will be found on the diocesan website.  These programs are intended to help you, not screen you or weed you out.

5.  New York State Marriage License:  This may be obtained from any New York State Town or City Hall (not a Village Hall).  It must be obtained within sixty days of your proposed wedding date but not less than twenty-four hours prior to the wedding.

Special Cases

1.  Previous Marriages:  Any previous marriage of either party, no matter what religion, no matter where it was performed, must be declared null by the Roman Catholic Church or dissolved by the death of the former spouse and proof thereof provided before any new wedding date can be set.

2.  Dispensations:  If either the bride or the groom is not a baptized Roman Catholic, a dispensation must be obtained from the Diocesan Pastoral Office before the marriage can be performed.  The priest or deacon will explain the procedure.

3.  Pregnancy:  If the bride is pregnant, the Diocesan Pastoral Center must be consulted before a wedding date can be set.

4.  Age:  If either the bride or the groom will be under nineteen years old at the time of the proposed marriage, the Diocesan Pastoral Center must be consulted and permission granted before a date can be set.  Ordinarily in such circumstances, a special interview with both parties and their parents or guardians is required.

Other Considerations

1.  Visiting Priests or Deacons:  You are welcome to invite a visiting priest or deacon to do your wedding, but he must contact the pastor of Our Lady of the Snow to confirm his willingness to perform the ceremony, to receive delegation to do so, and to let us know if he will be doing the rehearsal.  If he cannot, we will be happy to do so.

2.  Church Offering:  The usual offering to the Church is $500, which includes the payment of the organist and singer and the use of the church.  If you choose to use outside musicians, with or without ours, the Church offering remains the same, and any payments to those with whom you’ve contracted are your additional responsibility.

3.  Music:  Contact Mrs. Terry Martin (631-654-8832) concerning music for your wedding.  She will be able to explain in detail your options and answer any questions you have regarding music.

4.  Rehearsals:  You must call the priest or deacon to arrange for a wedding rehearsal, which is usually scheduled sometime within the week prior to the wedding.  Plan on setting aside one hour for the rehearsal.

5.  Flowers, Decorations:  Couples are responsible for all of these.  Questions concerning what is permitted in the church should be discussed with the priest or deacon before agreeing to anything with the florist or other agent.

6. Runners, Birdseed, Rice, Confetti, Balloons:  Not permitted.  Balloons are a hazard to wildlife.  The others make a mess that can’t be cleaned up in time for weekend Masses.  For the same reason, flower petals may not be strewn either outside or down the aisle of the church.  We suggest bubbles outside or applause.

7.  Photographers/Videographers:  Pictures and wedding videos, while permitted should be done with reverence, taste, and sensitivity to the nature of the celebration, which is religious.  It is not the reception.  All photographers and videographers should confer with the priest or deacon prior to the wedding.

8.  Limo Parking:  The limo is not to park in front of the church on Blue Point Avenue.  It is to park on the side of the church on Woodland.  The street in front of the church should remain clear.

9.  Time:  Weddings are scheduled with the understanding that they will start on time.  If the wedding starts late, no matter whose fault it is, the priest or deacon may be forced to eliminate non-essential parts of the ceremony, and a Nuptial Mass may be reduced to a ceremony.  Your wedding is very important to us, but it is not the only thing going on in our church, and we can’t hold up others because you are late.  Please pass this on to the limo people, the photographer, family, and friends.

10.  Cancellations/Postponements:  If you are canceling or postponing your wedding or have decided to be married elsewhere, we should be the first, not the last, to know.  Please call us immediately.

11.  Proper Behavior in Church:  You’ve chosen to be married in Church.  Please see to it that you and your wedding party arrive at the rehearsal and the wedding sober.